Qandeel Baloch has become a new trend setter in Pakistan with her new smoking hot music video. Even though she is a Pakistani social media celebrity notable for her videos discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues, yet she has become just more than a social media personality as she is being discussed by major news agencies across the world. International news media like Agence France-Presse has compared her to Kim Kardashian.

A few weeks ago, when now one knew her real identity, we published an article and revealed Qandeel Baloch wiki and other facts that were later discussed on every major news paper in Pakistan. Now, some rare photos of Qandeel Baloch are floating over social media too where she is seen with her ex-husbanding and mother in law.

Those who don't know much about Qandeel Baloch before stardom, let us tell you that she was married and she later got divorced, and she has a son also that lives with her ex-husband. Coming back to the topic, here you are going to see rare and old photos of Qandeel Baloch from her wedding and with her husband.

Qandeel Baloch with her husband Aashiq Hussain and her mother in law

Qandeel Baloch's Nikah Photo

Marriage Papers of Qandeel Baloch beside her CNIC

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