Tuesday, 8 November 2016

This is Why Some Roads Have White Markings while Others Have Yellow

In Pakistan, most of us never bother to care about traffic rules and road safety, and a lot of us assume traffic rules are just all about those red, yellow and green lights. When in reality, road safety is a serious concern in Pakistan and we all need to be well informed about traffic rules and road signs that will surely make our drive safe.

If you drive with full attention, you would notice white and yellow lines on roads. Difference of color and marking isn't because they were short of white paint to so they painted it yellow, rather there is message behind those yellow, white, solid and broken road lines. These lines are part of road signs, and need to be followed for road safety.

Solid White Line

It means that you must not change lanes while you drive, and should stay in the lane you are already on.
road safety

Broken White Line

It means that you are allowed to change lane, but safely and when it is needed.
road safety

One Solid Yellow Line

It means that overtaking is allowed if there is enough space, but you can not cross the yellow line.
road safety

Double Solid Yellow Lines

It means passing or overtaking is not allowed, and you must remain in your lane.
road safety

Broken Yellow Line

It means that passing or overtaking is allowed over broken yellow line, but with caution.
road safety

Solid Yellow Line with Broken Yellow Line

It means that if you are driving on the side of the broken line, you're allowed to overtake, and if you're driving on the side of the solid line, you're not.
road safety

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