Since Pakistan has variety of views including mountains, deserts, lakes and meadows, you get a brilliant opportunity to not just to explore the mighty land of Pakistan but also to do fun activities. If you are a thrill seeker and looking for some real adventure activities to do in Pakistan, here is something for you, a list of adventures you can do in Pakistan.

1) River Rafting

One of the best thing to do in Naran, KPK is river rafting. It is also called White Water Rafting. Just a few kilometers away from Naran, there is a river rafting club where you can do this adventure. It is hell lot of fun doing river rafting in Naran's Kunhar River.

2) Paragliding

Flying is fun. You can do paragliding at Khanpur Dam, KPK where there are well trained people who fly with you in paragliding. You can do all by yourself if you are well trained in it, else a trained person well fly with you.

3) Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the waters of Charna Island, Karachi is becoming another hot adventure in Pakistan. There is a club called Divers Reef Karachi that provides such adventurous services. You can contact them if you will to do scuba diving.

4) Jet Skiing

Many think jet skiing must be done only in ocean, when in reality it is excellently doable sport even in other regions of Pakistan. A lake, canal, dam would do just fine. All you need is a motor-boat,
water and a guide.

5) Desert Safari

A massive desert safari is arranged every year at Cholistan Desert, Balochistan. If desert safari is your kind of fun, you should attend the event once in a while and network with people with same interest. This is a wonderful opportunity to join adventure clubs as many such clubs attend this jeep rally.

6) Skiing

It is another recreational activity and competitive winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow. Malam Jabba in Swat Valley is an extremely popular destination for this adventure. Thousands of people visit Malam Jabba to do skiing along with various other adventurous activities.

7) Rock Climbing

Gilgit-Baltistan is home to massive heights. Pay a visit to Central Karakoram Park where you would find mountains of medium-to-massive heights. Choose a mountain you like and climb it to fulfill your thrust for adventure.

8) Camping in the wild

One of the widely done adventure. You can do camping in the wild. If not forest, you can choose meadows across Northern Pakistan. Fairy Meadows, Saif ul Malook, Paye Meadows among others are one of the best places to do camping in the nature.

9) Winter Hikes

Northern areas get fully covered in snow during winter, and many consider visiting such places during extreme weather conditions an adventure. If you have got a spine to do this, must do this. Choose Naran as your winter destination for your first adventure and see if you are capable of doing this.

10) Bike Ride

We recently reported a girl from Lahore who traveled Pakistan on her motorbike, and another report on a Pakistan man who traveled to 30 countries on his bicycle. Bike ride has become a global adventure and there are many people across world who love exploring world on their bike.

11) Hiking

Another adventurous activity you should consider doing is hiking. There are several treks in northern areas where you can hike, mainly Nathiagali pipeline trek, Mushkpuri Top hiking trek among many others.

12) Hunting

One of the popular adventurous to do in Pakistan. Just get a hunting license if you would like to do hunting on frequent basis, you simply join a hunting club if you just want to enjoy how others hunt.

13) Horse Riding

A wonderful sport indeed. There are several horse riding clubs in major cities of Pakistan. Join those clubs and learn horse riding before hand, and whenever you visit northern areas, do horse riding in the lush green meadows like a boss.

14) Chairlift

This is a soft adventure, and it is the list mainly for girls as girls have found it very thrilling. Must experience chairlift ride whenever you visit Patriata or Ayyubia during your visit to Murree.
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