Trend of Pakistani graduates visiting Dubai for seeking job has increased more than ever. Reason is quite obvious that we have more supply but less demand. Putting it more simply, we have more graduates but fewer jobs in the market. So as a result, graduates are moving to other markets to find fortunate and look for a job. But, Are Pakistani graduates getting jobs in UAE market? And the answer is, NO.

I have seen some 10-15 batch-mates of mine visiting Dubai for a job, and all of them came back empty handed, without any job. Some of them couldn’t even get a decent number of interview calls. All of them were MBAs though, yet they were not able to get a job. So, here comes question in mind why almost every Pakistani graduate is failing in Dubai market?

The answer isn’t very complex. It lies in the education system. You would see many graduates around you who are very good with books, but not so good in other aspects that have importance in business market. For example, there are bright chances of the existence of a graduate with 3.9 GPA having poor communication skills. Communication skill alone is a crucial factor in jobs market as this is your weapon to hunt business prospects.

Another reason known to everyone is, universities nowadays are no different than other business industries, and almost all of them have shifted their focus from ‘serving people’ to ‘getting business from people’. Hence, while apparently many universities have set their criteria for admission and issuance of degrees, yet it is not so challenging to get a degree in most of disciplines.

Institutes are producing less-polished brains and that too in bulk, failing to satisfy the needs of modern markets. Since job market in Pakistan is already down, graduates decide to look for jobs in other markets so they travel abroad, and Dubai is an ideal location for looking for a job, but they miss a very important point here.

Dubai is an international market, let me emphasize on this again, Dubai is an INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Extremely polished-minds are required to beat the competition in such markets where top-brains from world class universities are already ruling. If you’d apply in well known companies in Dubai, you would be surely interviewed by a well-polished professional mind, and chances are, if you are not prepared well, you won’t be able impress him/her.

You might have a very good perception of yourself, but the world does not see you with your eyes. They have their own glasses to see if you fit in their company or if you can serve them a purpose. So it is completely up to them to observe the utility they see in your for their business. It is better to learn throughout the process of getting into an international market, apply for jobs, appear for interviews, analyze your performance and improve yourself, so that you can perform better next time.

Another important issue why Pakistani graduates are not able to get jobs in Dubai is, many of them won’t prefer to start at low-profiles, or positions where it seems the job demands hard work, commitment and punctuality. A Filipino, Sri Lankan or Indian would have accepted that job happily, while a Pakistani might not even consider that job.

Graduates who fail to get a job in Dubai often complain that Pakistani-companies in Dubai do not show any preference towards Pakistani graduates while other companies do show preference towards their nationalities. Well, this could be a valid point, but this is business, every company cares about profits no matter who can bring it for them, so it is quite understandable if you see it with professional prospective.

Now, since Pakistani job market is already down, and Pakistani graduates are already failing to perform in international markets, we are experiencing a tremendous increase in business startups in our own country which is great and it is going to reform the business ecosystem gradually.

So, if you are one such graduate who returned from UAE without getting a job, give ‘business startup’ thing a chance. You are good enough to think of a business that can run well in local market. Just give it a chance, do some research, get to know which business can work in market around you, do calculations and then discuss it with your friends who might be looking for a job too, share your research with them and they might get convinced to invest in a business. I know it is very easy to say this and as much difficult to execute, but hey, you have not been able to get a job so far, and you must do something about it. Right? So consider starting your own small business too when you think you have tried enough yet there does not seem any suitable job opportunity in the market. I wish you best of luck.

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