Georgette Lepaulle is known to be the oldest woman who converted to Islam. She is a 92-year-old woman from Belgium and is now known as the oldest woman who embraced Islam. Georgette said that she was inspired by her Muslim neighbor who she has been observing for the past 40 years. She said that one of the reasons behind conversion was that she was inspired by seeing her neighbor praying every day and other family values he has been practicing over time.

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Last summer she visited Morocco with her neighbor Muhammed & his family. It was the month of Ramadan then and she loved participating in Ramadan activities in Morocco. She was inspired by the values Islam has given to Muslim families and she decided to choose these values for herself. She says that she was glad that I was a sister to them and I have never felt that accepted and glad.

When she came back to Belgium, she expressed her desire to accepted Islam so she went to a mosque in Brussels and asked for help in conversion and understanding her new religion. She further said that everyone is free to do whatever they like to do, others should not follow my example.

Georgette is an example that it is never too late to follow the values the suit your inner personality. She has set a record by being the oldest woman who converted to Islam.

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