Hadia Hashim is a young singer who was recently featured in Nescafé Basement’s young protégé. She is well known for her high notes when she sings. Recently she sang an OST of a TV soup Mere Paas Tum Ho while sitting on the floor with a harmonium player. Adnan Siddiqui, who played an important role in the drama, posted the video of this young talent on his Instagram.

Hadia sang the high and low notes of the song and impressively added her own flavor to an already-hit composition. Her this unplugged version seems one of the top covers of Mere Paas Tum Ho OST you would listen over Social Media or YouTube.

Adnan appraised the work of Hadia in the video caption. Apart from this, the audience in the comments also loved the approach of Hadia. She was featured in Nescafé Basement's Season 5 where she proved that she has got guts to sing.

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