Being an elder brother or elder sister is a natural-privilege as well as a social-responsibility. You would see many elders dictating lessons of goodness to their younger, you would find those lessons failing because younger didn't take them seriously. You would see elders being extremely worried about their siblings at many stages in life and cursing media for ruining social values. And finally you would see elders just leaving their siblings on their own because what they say is always ignored. There are psychological reasons why what you say is not taken seriously. Why your polite words and courteous behavior doesn't work. The reason is that no matter how much efforts you make, how many religious verses you quote to stop others from unproductive activities, they wouldn't stop. Because what is being taught, is strongly connected, with one who is teaching, the character of that person and the social-words about that person. This article focuses on what elder siblings should avoid doing in presence of their younger sibling in order to deliver good values and become transition-person - a person who doesn't pass poor values into others. Basically this article is a fun thing, but if these points are taken not-for-grant and lessons behind them are considered seriously, it would create good in-house-values as well as would eventually benefit the society. Dont just read the headings, read the material within them too

1. Getting scared of common things and passing fears

Rats are definitely not cute. Cockroaches are obviously scary creatures. Lizards on wall doesn't look attractive either. We all have some kind of fears, from getting scared from dark to shouting and running from little creatures found commonly in our houses. These are very common little fears, but in reality, these little fears give birth to big fears and big fears never let the best of you come out. You may or may not have these fears, but if you do not wish your siblings to have these fears, DO NOT GET SCARED of any of these things in front of them, if you do, you would be passing your fear to them.

2. Loosing mind and blaming others in frustration

You were watching your favorite drama on TV and power shuts down - you start blaming power companies for it. A traffic warden stops you because you just broke red signal - you start shouting there were 4 more people who did the same and why didn't traffic warden stopped them. Complaining and blaming is way to feel validated and feel less-guilty about mistakes or frustrations. One should stay composed and controlled in stressful and frustrated-moments. You would definitely not want your siblings to loose their minds in frustration. Bottom line is, stop complaining and blaming others to show frustration, in presence of your siblings.

3. Driving insanely and wanting them not to do the same

You might feel super cool while driving your favorite car or bike in super speed not caring about traffic rules at all. You are may be that guy who do all the stunts confidently and have never got a single scratch on his own body because of accidents. But everyone's isn't that lucky, your younger brother might get inspired from you without having necessary vehicle-control-skills and you someday find him laying on road in blood. If you don't want him to drift, don't drift at all.

4. Excessive Phone Usage

You may be are businessman getting a lot calls from clients, you may be are someone socially very active and getting calls all the time; you need to consider your phone-usage policy. If your siblings always find you busy on phone, this wouldn't just irritate them but they will also feel less connected with you. People never share problems, feelings and their true-selves with the ones they are least-connected.

5. Lovie talkie on phone irritates and motivates them

Keeping all the cultural thing and religious values aside, you might have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a night-mate. You might call your 'lubby dubby' times and again in a day in front of your younger sibling. You, in spite of all this, may wish your younger siblings shouldn't fell in this kind of activity, they shouldn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Your this wish would be very impractical thing. They will definitely get motivated by your behavior, and to be honest you loose your right to stop them from doing all this. Period.

6. Procrastination - Delaying

You were suppose to pay a utility bill today but you delay it on the exact due-date. You were suppose to give your formal suit for laundry but you see no formal event in coming week and delay it giving for laundry. There are hundreds of little routine life things may delay on later time. You definitely pay a cost of your this behavior, and you pass this behavior ultimately to people you are living with.

7. Your Browsing and Search History

You may 'accidentally' surf some websites that you wouldn't wish your siblings to know. Someday, you may forget to clear your browsing and search history, and your sibling get to know all the secrets pages you just visited. Their perception about you is now changed, and you might feel embarrassed too if they ever ask you about it. Another bad side of this is, they might visit those sites times and again. Would you ever dare to ask not to do this?

8. Lying to others and expecting your sibling to not to lie

Environment builds the character of a person, and if someone is living in an environment where their elders lie all day long, expecting them not to lie would be somehow unrealistic. Lying is obviously not an impressive thing, but lying in front people who depend upon you for learning values, ruin their character 'too'.

9. Unconscious acts

You may have few habits that you never noticed. You may keep chirping your favorite songs all day but you shout on your sister if she does the same. You may use common abuses like the word f*ck or BC in your routine life frustrated-moments. Being a change-agent requires to be calculated in unconscious acts. Keep an eye on what you are doing, and avoid unnecessary words or moments.

10. Misbehaving with Others

You overly shout on your house-keeping staff. You bring sense of superiority when a subordinate ask for a favor. You badly scold a beggar because of your certain believes. Now after all such personal behaviors, expecting your siblings to be nice with same kind of people isn't very practical. If you want them be nice to others, you be nice to others first.

11. Getting Panic in Situations arising for first time

Stressful things happen with you for first time and you loose your mind, you get panic, you completely loose your faith, you don't get how to immediately respond to that situation, and in all that struggle your actions make the situation worse. But if you had composed yourself at that time, you might had responded to that situation in a very different manner resulting better solution. You can stop this psychological issue passing to your siblings by overlooking and controlling your own reactions.

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