Humor, catchy taglines, memorable jingles and iconic-type character etc are the most used factors to sell products. Pakistani marketers use these factors in their marketing tools more often and many times come with innovative campaigns using the same factors. Marketing team want that their ads effectively convey their message along with high recall rate that means customers can easily recall your brand name when they need a product of a category where your product falls. But here is a catch, there are some very common things that is founded in many ads.

1. You wouldn't get married until you are fair and shining

No matter how beautiful you are by character and it does not matter how much potential you have to be real successful in your life, no man would ever marry you if you aren't white enough. No, those gori-girls of west going to beaches to tan their skins is a lie.

2. Not fluffy and gorgeous enough? you need our soup

Your skin is not fluffy like cotton or baby bums? awwn poor girl. Since your skin is like a normal human being and not fluffy like a Persian cat, you are not gorgeous at all. Yes, they way you dress and carry yourself is worth zero since your skin is not fluffy (moisturized).

3. Our product is world's best brand, because a paid-celebrity said so

Several Pakistani mobile brands as well as other FMCG brands get celebrity endorsement for their brands, since they have manage to afford a celebrity, they have got all the reasons to claim their brands as world's largest, or biggest, or bestestestest.

4. Drink our brand, we have put a 'talismi tavez' in it that brings happiness

You just took a breath and didn't celebrate it?.. awwnn when would you learn to live a happy life. Sweetheart you actually need to drink our talismi brand, we have got a tavez in it and it will make your whole family laughing out loud out of nothing.

5. Tea brands make you better at dance and naach-gana

Nothing can bring energy in your life more than a tea brand. You just cant dance like Saima or Noor because baby you don't drink that particular brand.

6. Girls want to achieve a hell of a lot of things, especially while they're on a certain cycle

No girls don't have patience, they just are too adventurous and don't even care about their health. They just want to achieve everything on planet specially when they are in to their periods.

7. Your 12 years old should have been 6'11'' tall

Such a irresponsible mommy you are, you kid is 12 years old and it looks as if he is 12 years old exactly. Dear lady your kid can look amazingly tall like Great Khali or Alam Channa if that kid consumes our super powerful product.

8. This whole world is a product of germs

This whole world is a product of germs. Don't even watch each other, it bring germs. Don't shake hands, don't touch each other, its just too. Clean yourself with our brand and you are 99.999% germ-free. Reason why we show few germs even after cleaning yourself with our brand is that you should try our brand again and again and again.

9. Afraid of heights? We have a chemical formula jis ko Superman ne dum kia hai

Normal life is too mainstream and it is very special to do insane things. Falling from crazy mountains and skyscrapers is what makes you a real man. Drink our brand, drink our brand, drink our brand.

10. Doctors are more into reviewing brands than checking patients

Doctors are always free in their clinics to review brands and give them 10/10 without telling even a single low-side of that vary product. They suggest every reviews brand to their clients and every client gets shifa much quicker than from other brands.

11. Detergents - hamari maaon behno ki sab se bari pareshani

You and your neighbor could have lots of things to fight about. But the greatest battle will be to out-do each other's super-whitest detergent that make their clothes look like as if angels wore them.

12. Man's deo is more important than his intelligence and character

Now why would a girl love a man for his intelligence, personality and character? Why? She would only respond to his deodorant. Girls are just silly, they only value fragrance?

13. Those billionaire celebrities has serious dandruff issues

Kareena, Katrina, Shilpa Shetty, Anushka, Saif, Shahid... all these mainstream celebrities are just normal like you, they have serious dandruff issues. Some has dry hair issue, some hairfall problem and some oily skin problem. Some of other common things they teach us are that their experts are always in their white coats so that you can trust those paid-actors as if they are actual researcher. Tele products will always come up most amazing solutions and would offer super discounts to their first 500 customers. There are possibly many other points I am missing right now, you may contribute in this article mentioning some such points via comment.


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