Romance and Love are top two elements that are found in favorite songs of most of Pakistani youth. Pakistanis are beautifully love-centered people but lots of young-bloods take overdose of that element and they become overly love-centered. Overdose of love comes through aggressive penetration of love-oriented films, TV dramas, novels through home television, cinemas and internet. Since all the mediums focus overly on love factor, young people with weak constitution makeup their mind that love is only thing they should worry about. People who are driven by same forces share some same values and have common behaviors among them. This article is about Pakistani romeos (this mainly focuses on lover-boys but some may apply to girls too) who share common behaviors when in love.

1. She says 'Hi'. He listens 'i like you'

Our lover boys are always high. If they are having their life's best day and a random girl says hello to them, its not just a hello to them. They listen 'I like you and I love you', they can think anything. It can be putting their name with girl's name, making their name girl's surname, thinking what should they gift her if their story goes on, etc. There is no limit to their thinking.

2. 99.9% of their relationship depends on phone

No, real interactions does not matter a lot to them. It is completely OK for them to build their relationship's base virtually, without even genuinely knowing other person. In the search of true love, some look for girls' phone number over web, some get through their friends or some are social enough to get a girl's cell number through an 'easyload shop'. All they need to fall in love is a girl's number and their days and nights become restless when the conversation starts for few days or they talk over phone for first time. Lover boys, who do not go at that level, and belong to an English generation, also mainly depends on phone, like 99.8%. These lover boys are mostly not as effective and confident in practical-talk as they pretend over phone or texting.

3. Tell their girl that she resembles a good looking actress

Your eyes are like Deepika Padukone, your are smile is like Preity Zinta, your lips are like Nargis Fakhri... and their sense of comparing their girl's aesthetic beauty doesn't end here. They make every possible comparison to make their girl feel proud of her and cute about herself.

4. Their love awakes their inner child - totlapan

Their love make them stammer, and push them to behave like a kid. They would try being cute saying silly things may be like 'shollyy baby , mela baby, sho shweet' etc.

5. Discuss past love

Oh that is a must. Actually their love mostly starts from sharing their old love story(ies), discussing how caring they used to be and how other person didn't valued them (kadar e nai karty log). Rarely someone may say they have never been into a relationship but that's an exception. They start giving each other their shoulders to cry on and this is how their attachment rockets to never level.

6. Try to make their girl believe she is the only one

You are the only one I talk to. I don't know any other female. I don't even know if other females even exist on this planet. Too many kasmen waaday take place to prove innocence and at some point they even offer their girl to keep their mobile for a whole day to monitor who communicates with them.

7. Cliche Questions - daily !

"Kya khaya.... aor sunao.... hmmmm... naraaz ho?.... smilies kiyo nahi use kar rahi...." these are regular questions to extend a conversation. One word replies do not hurt them when they are in good mood. They will come up and say obnoxious obvious things to their soul-mate just to start extend a convo.

8. They are the only nice people on earth

They believe they are the nicest people on the earth and "un jesa charaagh le ke dhoondne se bhi nahi mil sakta." They quite often say kadar karlo because they believe they are most valuable creatures on the planet.

9. Someone else is interested in them too

It's a proud moment for them telling the other love bird that someone else is extremely interested in them. Someone else is sending a rishta for them or someone else is leaving no stone unturned to impress me, but see, I am all yours.

10. One want to slap the other

Kids from early 90s found this cute, they (mostly the girls) want to slap their better half once in a life time. New generation who fell in love even before their 8th standard might not find this romantic or cute.

11. Want their girl to talk to a family member

Our very own desi lover boys insist their girls to talk to their sister or mother. This is to introduce the girl among home members and authenticate their relationship.

12. Share childhood pictures & Romantic songs

And a time comes when they share their childhood pictures with their girls hoping that she will find those pictures cute. Sharing romantic songs is also common among them. Many insist their girls k sirf song suno, video mat dekhna as they protect their girls from watching visual gandgi.

13. Try hard to make their girl laugh

They try their best to make their girl laugh. They would try to super funny and would sms every possible joke that they have on their mobile just to get a hahahaha from their girl.

14. Possessiveness

Then comes a time when they become extremely possessive about their girl. So possessive that they even insist their girl to wear Hijaab because they dont want their girl to be exposed to shetaani nazrein of zalim dunya. (hijaab is beautiful though).

15. Stalk when no-talk

They stalk their love on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Kik, Snapchat, Line, Insta... they would even worry over the last seen time.

16. Late Night Calls

It is very common among our desi lovers. Night packages rule their routines and it doesn't matter much to them going to school or college or university with red eyes or dark spots. They'd tell you about call packages better than those at help line.


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