University life is always great no matter what city it is. Every university shares few common things when it comes to people. You would find particular kind of people in all Universities of Pakistan, or India, or South Asia or may be of the whole world, however this article is intended to Pakistani students. You would find stereotypes, nerds, over cool people, read about rest of the kinds in the list.

1. Taaru Gang

They are mostly in groups and its their duty to look every girl passing by them. If girls do not pass by them, they  would pass by girls. According to them, there are only two kinds of girls in the universe, one, tere wali, second, mere wali.

2. Chhapa Gang

They are the once who think making assignments by themselves isn't a cool thing. So, they always have a hello hi with few nerds who make assignments before time.

3. Grade Saeen

They are of several types, but two of their most common kinds are, one, the girls who cry even after getting top grades in class, second, those who just calculate what grades can prevent them from probation.

4. Treat Mangtay

Every event, to them, is worth a treat, no matter how significant that event is. All they want is a free feast.

5. Biased Male Teachers

This is a common kind of teachers found in Universities. They wouldn't be any polite to boys, until they are Pathan. Else they stock all their politeness for girls.

6. Achhi Kismat waly

They dont study hard, dont even care much. They will go in a group study gathering and wouldn't study a single page, yet they will pass getting much better marks than expected.

7. Kuchh nahi aata yaar

Another common kind. They are the ones who will always cry before exams saying they haven't prepared enough and it seems almost impossible to pass that very quiz or mid or final term. Get good grades though. Liars.

8. Muftayy

They are nice people, funny people, gossip geeks. But they would never pay ever. Or may pay for a toffee and take hundred times free food from you. They would avoid every event where they feel it might need them to pay for anything.

9. Farigh Staff Members

Administration end. You would surely see some admin staff who have no do-attitude. They will push to someone else for task. Hadd-haraam kind of people they are actually.

10. Chuss Boys

They would crack jokes where you cant even think a joke can be cracked. They can create lame-fun out of nothing. They would comment on every single line of lecturer and would feel like hero upon getting thrown out of class.

11. Over Efficient

They are nerd kind of people, or may be not, its not necessary. But they will ask questions a lot during lectures. It doesn't matter if the question has to do anything with the lecture, its relevant or not, logic is useless for them, all they do is they ask so many questions because it make them prominent in the class.

12. Sikandar Boys

They are Sikandar kind of boys, aor Sikandar Khaali haath aata hai. They would borrow pen, borrow a page, even borrow a brain.

13. Girl who thinks every boy wants her

Not to forget girls. There are girls who think every boy likes them. So, they always carry an I-am-the-only-one kind of attitude.

14. Girls discussing other girls

Girls talking about other girls, yeah. But then being nice on their faces. Oh, Cool.

15. Thanday Aashiq

They have many crushes in the campus, they would dream about them, stalk them on Facebook, peek into their classes. But in case they get a chance to talk to their crush, they are mostly bhai-zoned, no matter how many assignments they have made for their crush, it gets them a sad ending

16. Love Birds

They don't know if other people exist in the campus. They would just find a peaceful place, go touchy-feely, mostly, awww cute. They would even come to campus when their classes are off, after-all they have got a safe place to date.

17. The models

Boys, Girls, both kinds are involved. They wake up 3, 4 hours early because they need time to get ready for YO-nee-versity.

18. Drama Fanatics

Normally these are girls, but boys are not an exception here. They would create drama out of nothing. They would bring ego in little matters, they would strategically plan to break the groups of others, they would even plane to create misunderstandings among others and split their friendships.

19. The Philosophers

They wouldn't say anything normal or less deep. They think everything has a purpose, even if a samosa has less aalo in it, there is a purpose behind it. They are normally good listeners and say nice quotes.

20. Sotuu

Night packages you know, or may be the Internet thing. They think sleeping at night in bedroom is too mainstream.

21. Sports Nuts

No, boys dont do everything to impress girls. Some things they do to impress other boys as well, to create influence among others.

22. Wanna be Singers

They would normally sing for girls, to impress them (obviously). They would even sing in class no matter if others like their voice or not.

23. DSLR owner

When mama's boy gets a DSLR, great things happen. They get so many new friends and they get a source of new DPs. DSLR makes them popular from nothing over night.

24. The Teacher's Pet

They would tell teachers everything. Because when they win teacher's trust. They get good grades.


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  1. Hahahhaha! Obviously I fall in many categories. :3 :D

  2. I know many students who fall in almost all of these categories


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