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9 Beautiful One Day Picnic and Trip Places Near Lahore

Pakistan is full of beautiful places and tourism destinations. Although Northern areas appeal masses for the natural beauty and are the first choice of many Pakistanis trekkers and amateurs visitors, but other developed cities also have their own attractions. People of Lahore are known for being extremely warm by heart and lively, the reason they love visiting various places around the country. When long trips are not possible and you have got a one whole day to hangout with friends or with to spend quality time family, there are several beautiful picnic spots around Lahore. Lahore itself has large number of attractions but times come when you just want to go out city for a kind of long drive along with your dear ones. Here is list of some of most beautiful places around Lahore that can choose for a one day picnic form Lahore.

1. Safari Park

Woodland Wildlife Park, popularly known as Lahore Safari Park is 15km far from Lahore, located at Raiwind road Lahore. It was established in 1982 and it covers some 240 acres. The species housed here include Indian peafowl, Bengal tiger, common pheasant, emu, lion, mute swan, nilgai, ostrich and silver pheasant among a few others. You need a car (if you don't want be to meal of animals) to visit the park.

2. Rana Resort

This is some of the most favorite picnic spot of people living nearby Lahore. It has views and spots that entertain everyone from friends to family and people of all ages. Swimming pool, hunting area, fishing, horse riding, wild animals, dinosaurs and other interesting statues, deep jungle walk, it has various different attractions. This is one of the best spots for picnic nearby Lahore and it covers 250 acres and distance from Thokar Niazbaig is 80km.

3. Khewra Salt Mines

World's second largest salt mine, Khewra Mine, is 246km away from Lahore. Located in Jhelum, it is one of the most visited tourist destination near Lahore. Mine has beautiful carvings that include a replica of Minar-e-Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque, a statue of Allama Iqbal, an accumulation of crystals that form the name of Muhammad in Urdu script etc. Mostly visitors are taken into the mine on a train but going by walk is also fun.

4. Fort Rohtas

It was built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century and is one of prominent archaeologist places in Pakistan. The Rohtas fort was built to crush the local tribes of Potohar, who rebelled against the Sur dynasty. Qila Rohtas is an exceptional example of early Muslim military architecture in Central and South Asia.

5. Katasraj Temples

Its another ancient archaeological site. Katasraj temple site is a group of seven ancient templates, a few medieval templates, havelis, holy pond and remains of a Buddhist stupa. It is a kind of place you should visit with your archaeological sites lover friends and once in a lifetime with your family. It is 270 km away from Lahore and is situated near Chakwal.

6. Mangla Dam

Mangla dam is world's third largest earth-filled dam on the River of Jehlum. It is situated 246km on G.T. Road Lahore. It is popular for its lake view however its forts are also tourist spots. Its good point to visit with some energetic companions.

7. Changa Manga forest park

Its situated at Chhanga Manga, Its world's largest man-grown forest and Mehtabi Jheel is its tourist attraction. Its a tourist and picnic spot that people of all ages enjoy as it offers beautifully green views and is situated in deep jungle. It has little huts in case you want to stay, a cafeteria, lake, kids attractions and some more things to visit. It is just 75km far from Thokar Niazbaig, Lahore.

8. Soon Sakesar

250km away from Lahore, Soon Sakesar valley is in the north west of Khushab District. It has some 31 villages and multiple picnic spots. Lake Uchhalli and Lake Khabikki is among popular lakes of this valley. It is a visual treat for natural beauty lovers.

9. Hiran Minar

Hiran Minar is in Sheikhupura, some 50km away from Lahore. It was constructed by Emperor Jahangir as a monument to Mansraj, one of his pet deer. It is an easily reachable and convenient picnic spot near Lahore.

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