Pakistani media's revolution was started with Geo News Channel but it was ended very soon with the raise of other TV channels who started to broadcast the news. To get the TRP all of the media channels did the best but they all lose the quality of their content. They started to show different type of quality shows but to make it interesting they loosed its originality.

Following are some 10 points which need to be stop by Pakistani News Channel as soon as possible because its making their channel worst for a general public. Yes there was a time when we was so excited to listen the breaking news, but now almost every news is breaking news for the TV channel.

1. Breaking News - Every news in not breaking

Dear media every news is not breaking news. If you want to show the news like that or the news about Meera's wedding please telecast them in entertainment related news section instead of making them breaking news.

2. Fake Police Shows - They are so fake

You can show such kind of shows as a "report" or "documentary" instead of performing it. Sometime it's look very funny because of so fake acting by the police or even the criminals.

3. Stupid news - A panda giving birth in Japan

4. Deadd Bodies - Stop showing us deadd bodies of people including their blood

5. Victim's Family - Emotional reports on victim family and stupid questions by anchor to them

Their question are not just stupid but they should not be asked. For example they asked from the kid that how does they are feeling after their parents death or they ask from a mother if she is missing her only son after his death in suicide attack. Sometime they ask the victim family to repeat the death scene. I mean are these questions really need to be asked from the family who is recently lose on of their loved ones?

6. Such kind of baseless shows in news bulletin

7. Random funny videos taken from internet as part of news bulletin

I have seen several time in headline they report about random funny video taken from internet e.g: Facebook or YouTube. They need to stop showing us in news channel especially its irritate a lot when they show an old funny video clip as new.

8. Music and songs along with news specially in headlines

9. Irrelevant India news - We don't even know what are you talking about

10. Birthday of Bollywood celebrities - Oh dear media, are you serious?

Just take a look how does a normal Pakistani react on such kind of news

By removing such kind of content from news channels the Pakistani media can get more TRP in term of quality and responsibility.

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