Sunday, 12 April 2015

12 Types of Teachers You Will See in Every Pakistani Institute

Just like Pakistani students, Pakistani teachers also share similarities. Since most of them share similarities, it is easier to generalize common behaviors of teachers, lecturers and professors of Pakistani universities, colleges and schools. Earlier, 24 Kinds of Students in Universities were written that was found interesting by people over social media, so I thought why shouldn't there be a list of teachers we all experience during our academic life.

1) Who never smile.. no matter what

2) Who crack lame jokes and try too hard to make class laugh

3) Who are extremely cool and every student loves them (they are too rare)

4) Who deliver the syllabus of the whole semester in one class

5) The One Female Teacher who becomes crush of every student

6) Who give you advises, same advises that we are hearing since our childhood

7) Who want you to come into their cabins and do their TC

8) Who have soft side for girls and no mercy for boys

9) Who keep on sharing their milestones and achievement again and again

10 meeel door school jata tha bachpan me woh bhi pedal chal k.. street lights me parhta tha... gold medalist tha main..

10) Who come to teach marketing but give you a lecture on religion instead

11) Whom you consider a very chill teacher aor end me wohi sab se ganda grade de k jaty hain

12)  Who discuss current affairs in everyyyyyy damn class

Do you have any teacher who doesn't fall in to any of these categories? would you like to share about him/her in comments?

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