Friday, 10 April 2015

13 Pictures That Explain Pakistani Education System

Its quite apparent that education system in Pakistan, currently, is not in its best condition and it needs many reforms at ground level. One of the reasons behind the failure of education system in the country is lack of uniformity. There are more than 5 education systems currently followed in the country public schools, private schools, Islamic schools (madrassa), federal schools, schools following international system (o-levels/a-level) etc.

You can read more on this issue at various news sites and blogs, NYT's article How Pakistan Fails its Children beautifully explains it, just in case you want to go in to details.

These 7 cartoon comics and real pictures help in making an understanding what is wrong with education system in the country.

1) Lack of Government Support to Families who want to educate their children

2) And those who manage to get into Government Schools, face this

3) On the other hand, Private Schools demand you to sacrifice your every penny

4) And most of the times, you cant go farther without money

5) Teachers are least concerned in 'truly educating' children

Its just a way to make money and they don't care if a kid learn or not.

6) Students are directed to think same old way

Analytical and logical reasoning doesn't improve. At best, it would match teacher's ability to think.

7) And then core purpose of education becomes getting a job and making money

8) There are many loop holes on the other side of education system too, the core side.

9) Children are not taught to manage their fun life and productive life.

They either should have a strong sense to identify what is productive for them, or they must be taught how to manage fun life and productive life.

10) Multiple education systems, create different kinds of minds

11) Exams just check your memory skills and not analytical skills.

12) Hence, the system produces mediocre minds

13) Paradigms need to be shift to positive side, and the way children are directed to perceive things need to be changed.

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