Regardless of regions, Pakistani families shares so many similarities. No matter a family lives in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan or KPK, they would share a number of things common. These practices can be funny, extremely hilarious, or just annoying to others. Upon closely observing families in Pakistan, I have compiled a list of a few things that are found almost in every Desi Family.

1) Cheez saaf karne keliye bhi ganda kapra use karna

2) A dedicated Dinner Set for guests

 3) You'd have to wait to eat until mehmaan left

4) And do not listen to anyone but their hugry tummy

5) Sisters try every new recipe on their brothers

6) And those naughty kids who misbehave just when you expect them to be decent

 7) Operating Khandaani Politics over the phone

8) Jis din ghar biryani banay.. that becomes a special day

9) Some Hate Karele and Some just love them

10) Comparing their kids with others and scolding whenever there is a chance

11) Their internet connection has made their life miserable

12) Too much into Morning Shows

13) Starting a long story just when guests are about to leave

14) Dunya jahan ki burai kar ke... ends up saying.. 'sanu ki'

15) Mother would explain your health problems to doctors

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