In Pakistan, you must be ready for amusing surprises every time. After hectic routine life and a stressful busy day, you day still would have tiny amusing moments, some of these tiny moments of joy would be credited to unexpectedly funny street banners and wall chalking.

Street Banners are one of the common advertising methods used in Pakistan by local shops. Same method is used on various occasions to communicate a message such as eid greeting, political message, health campaigns etc. But we are here talking about only funny, rather hilarious messages seen on street banners.

Wall Chalking came into existence even before Street Banners and even after Government of Pakistan has banned wall chalking, it is still used in various rural and semi-urban areas to convey a message of local businesses. This is yet another medium that can make your day for just being hilarious. Some of the most funny wall chalking seen in Pakistan are also part of this list.

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