In Pakistan, every person has got something to claim, something that they are extremely sure about. Some of those claims are based upon their knowledge, experience, information, and rest just base upon their gut power. You would find so many people claiming so many things when a situation happens, mostly say that they already knew it, some say something else.
Here is list of such 7 claims Pakistani people mostly make. You would relate to at least few of them if not all as these are so common that almost everyone has experienced it.

1) Mujhe to pehle hi pata tha k aisa hoga

2) Shakal dekhte hi banda pehchan jata/jati hn main to

3) Hum to bande ke reply ki speed se uske interest ka andaza laga lete hain

4) 3 Din me Mehboob Qadmon me

3) Facebook Profile dekh k hi bata sakta/sakti hn k account fake hai ya real

5) Mujhe to aik minute me hi pata chal jata hai k koi scene chal sakta hai k nahi

7) Honton se hi pata lag jata hai k yeh cigerate peeta hai k nahi

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