Thursday, 9 April 2015

7 Worst Pakistani English Songs Ever Made

An industry where most of songs are not even made in their national language but geographical languages, has shocked the world when some of their 'artists' decided to use a global language. Pakistani volunteer singers releasing English songs doesn't seem shocking until you listen their songs and watch those video concepts.

Pakistan definitely has produced some of the finest Ghazal singers and pop-artists who are globally recognized after working in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood, but we are here talking about a specie that is too awesome and is beyond all these entertainment woods.

Here is a list of some of, to be very straight forward, pathetic yet funny and amusing Pakistani English Songs. Just pay attention to these cheesy lyrics, video, composition and make your own  perception, lol.

BEWARE: Pathetic Contents Ahead

1) Some Say I am Sweetie - Kora Kaghaz

2) Eye 2 Eye - Taher Shah

3) World Cup has come - Tahir Jabbar

4) Naseebo Laal Singing Justin Bieber's 'Baby'

5) Pakistani Street Girls Singing 'Baby'

Well, this is not pathetic, but you should listen to it.

6) Eid Mubarak

7) Mankind's Angel - Taher Shah

Everyone's favorite.

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