A poet, a barrister, a philosopher and a politician, Sir Muhammad Iqbal is widely regarded for his contribution towards making of Pakistan as well as in Urdu literature. His books are widely regarded as symbol of classical poetry in Persian, Urdu and Hindi language. In 1922 he was knighted by King George V, giving him the title of 'Sir'. He is national poetry of Pakistan, and in India, he is remembered widely as the author of the popular Indian patriotic song Saare Jahaan se Achha.

Allama Iqbal's poetic works are written primarily in Persian rather than Urdu. Among his 12,000 verses of poetry, about 7,000 verses are in Persian. In 1915, he published his first collection of poetry, the Asrar-e-Khudi (Secrets of the Self) in Persian. In his Rumuz-e-Bekhudi (Hints of Selflessness), Iqbal seeks to prove the Islamic way of life is the best code of conduct for a nation's viability. Iqbal's Bang-e-Dara (The Call of the Marching Bell), the first collection of Urdu poetry, was published in 1924.  Published in 1935, the Bal-e-Jibril (Wings of Gabriel) is considered by many critics as the finest of Iqbal's Urdu poetry.

Allama Iqbal has great message of inspiration, motivation and leadership hidden in his poetic verses. Following are some of the most influential poetic verses of Iqbal on Allama Iqbal's poetry on motivation, success, leadership, inspiration, positivity, character, goals, life and self help.

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