Thursday, 30 April 2015

12 Powerful Messages that Break Stereotype about Women in Pakistan

A 'stereotype' is the judgment of a person by his orientation. Putting in other words, classification of people as per their unique characteristic such as race, gender, caste, color. It is like generalizing, for example you assume that everyone belonging to a particular group would behave in a same way. Stereotyping is often unhealthy because it keeps us from getting to know individual people.

Stereotyping creates discrimination as it is based on popular belief but necessarily on facts, for example, boys are better at driving than girls, this creates a stereotype that boys are more capable at driving and girls are not good drivers.

To eliminate such paradigms, trained people must visit schools, colleges and universities teaching students that they must treat everyone like a different individual and they must not generalize people. Step Forward Pakistan, a non-profit organization, took an initiative to break stereotype against women and young girls in Pakistan.

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