New trend of theme-day celebrations has been observed on its high time in Pakistani education institutes. Students in many Pakistani universities are celebrating theme-days for past few years and the trend of hosting such theme-days is increasing as many universities are adapting such days for entertainment and as extra-curricular activity.

New theme is introduced every year to celebrate this day. Societies that are run under university management plan such days and themes are carefully selected keeping in mind social, cultural and religious factors.

Students have been seen actively participating in these theme-days and it has also been observed that students highly appreciate these days as a fun and lively activity.

Some of the most popular theme-days that are celebrated in Universities in Pakistan include:

1) Paindu Day

To endorse the culture of Punjab, institutes in Punjab province pick Pendu Day as theme to celebrate the Desiness of their culture. Students are encouraged to dress themselves in Punjabi way such as wearing Dhoti, Shalwar Kameez, Khussa, Pagri etc. Girls and Boys, both actively participate in this theme.

2) Colors Week

Students within societies decide to celebrate an entire week as a color-week. Different colors are assigned to different days and every student within that society wears that color on that particular dress.

3) Daku Day

This is celebrated mere for fun and it ads versatility in list of themes. Students dress themselves as thieves and carry water-guns with them. The day ends with water-fights where both male and female shoot each other with water-guns.

4) Musical Day

This is yet another lively theme where students enjoy the beats of dhol and other instruments within their institutes. Musical shows are held where students as well as other popular singers perform to rock that theme.

5) Halloween Day

This is kind of western touch to themes, but since the world has become a global village, mostly students are found alright with such versatile themes. Students dress on that day as awkward as they can while looking like a nightmare.

6) Yo Day

Another day that wouldn't make sense to elders but younger generation would love to enjoy. You dress in a very veteran way, cheesy get ups are also welcomed. Retro dresses, goofy looks, veteran hairstyles, super cool spectacles, are a must to celebrate this day.

7) Balloons Day

This is another kind-of-sensible theme-day celebrated in some of universities in Pakistan. Students carry balloons while coming in the university.

8) DJ Night

Some universities are also seen arranging DJ nights within their campuses. Students, mostly from within that university play their beats and rest of the public spend that night jumping on those beats.

9) Bonfire Night

This is very common theme-night that is organized by colleges and universities in winter. Students get together, sing, do b.b.q., play games and spend half of that night having fun.

10) Sky Lateran Night

This is an extension to Bonfire-night where students additionally fly Sky Lateran. But in other seasons than winter, since b.b.q doesn't make sense, so students separately organize Sky Lateran Night.

(all these pictures have been taken with a good faith from the official facebook pages of relevant societies of different universities of Pakistan.)

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