Unsung heroes - the people who did big at a time, who were in news at a time, who contributed towards the nation and who had a mission. But later, as the time passed, they were forgotten, their contribution, their medals, their achievements were forgotten so badly as if they didn't even exist at first place.

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Pakistan has so many such unsung and forgotten heroes who have become just a part of history. Textbooks, electronic media, digital media.. no one talks about them as such, and didn't receive their due. This article is just a little effort to highlight some of the greatest yet forgotten Pakistani heroes.

There are many more to include from various disciplines of life. In hockey alone, there are greatest hockey players such as Sohail Abbas, in bodybuilding there are amazing bodybuilders who won several international titles such as Masoom Butt, Sheru, Ashfaq, Yahya, Fida Baloch etc. You can also contribute to this article by commenting about any other forgotten hero.

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