Pakistan is a country where true form of politics can be seen now a days as rail of democracy has not been derailed for past 7 years (lol). Loop holes of the government, political parties and system it self, are very apparent and every body knows them very well. But this article is about fun facts about Pakistani politicians. So I have researched some fun facts about Pakistani politicians.

If you would take these facts seriously, it would sound like issues (which they actually are), but if you can take them on lighter note, you can dig some fun in all these facts.

1) Extremely Experienced Leaders

What else this nation needs? We have got extremely experienced leadership. See their ages. All of them have served on prominent positions before getting elected as Chief Ministers of their provinces.

2) They Love to Serve This Nation So Much

See the passion? This man changed the constitution about maximum terms an individual can serve. He changed every possible law that could have restricted him to serve this nation as prime minister for third time. What else you need, nation?

3) A Common Citizen Can not even apply for a Government Job

If found in any criminal activity, a common citizen looses his opportunity to even apply for a government job. But that is not the case for them. They have spend a significant amount of time in jails yet they were allowed to serve on such prestigious positions.

4) They Love to Give this nation First Lady (or ladies)

So you thought love is the game of youth only? nahhh... leaders too fall in love. They would get marry whenever they want, because they know that age is just a number and this nation badly needs a 'first lady'.

5) Mian sb. ki azmat ko Salaaaaaaaam

Such a family oriented person. His selflessness and extreme care towards family sets an example.

6) Extremely Qualified Leaderships with PhDeeez

Degree Degree hoti hai, chahy earn ki ho ya honorary li ho. In last few years, several mainstream political figures got honorary degrees.

7) They never mind bad-words of each other

Such lovely people with beautiful hearts. Forgive each other so easily and timely for their bad-mouthing each other in Josh-e-Khitabat.

8) Extremely Confident about their followers

Public ko to khilona samjhty hain yeh. Every one things we, the people, are theirs.

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