Ainak Wala Jin is one of the most popular Pakistani drama series of 90s that kids of that era still cherish. It had such a humor and storyline that it become popular among three generations at the same time. Kids, their parents and grand parents. The characters became so popular that they became household names.

Following are some of the interesting facts about the drama that you should know.

1) No computer was used for digital effects

You read it right. No CGI aor computer graphics were used in the entire production of drama. Hafeez Tahir, The Director, managed to create many special effects with the simple chroma key technique.

2) It was broadcasted between 1993 to 1996

Ainak Wala Jin was first broadcasted in 1993 to 1996. It was later broadcasted in 2004 and 2012 too.

3) It had total 149 episodes

In those 3 years, 149 episodes were broadcasted. In those times, an episode used to be very short as compared to episodes of today.

4) It ends without completion

Drama was running successfully but its broadcasting was stopped without completion. Story is yet seeking an ending.

5) Abdul Hameed wrote hundreds of such books

Abdul Hameed, writer of this drama, has written more than 200 books that are full of fiction and such mind boggling stories. If those books are adapted into movies, we can see amazing extravaganzas like Harry Potter by using latest technology in those movies.

6) There are plans of Ainak Wala Jin Returns

It was planned to be under-production in 2012 but plans were postponed. There are still plans to make the second part of this drama by name 'Nastoor Jin Ki Wapsi'.

7) 3 Famous Celebrities started their career from this drama

Three famous female singers of Pakistan started their career as child star from this drama. They are Humera Arshad (as Toofani Nagan), Fariha Pervez (as Aini) and Shabnam Majeed (as Baaji).

8) It has also been performed for Princess Diana

The team along with the director Hafeez Tahir had the honour of performing before Princess Diana and Imran Khan. The team included Hamoon Jadugar, Zakoota Jin, Bill Batori, Hafeez Tahir and some other actors visited 2005 earthquake affected areas with President of Pakistan to bring back the smile on faces of mentally stressed children.

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