Village is a luxury that more than half of Pakistanis enjoy as about 65% of country's population lives in rural areas. Pakistan is basically an agriculture-based economy and largely depends on its villages for growth. Clean air, lush green views, pure milk, finest quality of dairy products and simple people are some of the happy things about life in a village.

But unfortunately, a couple of other factors are diminishing the true and happy spirit of villages. Lack of education, poor sanitation, poverty are the things that are generally associated with villages today. But in reality, villages are not that bad to live. In fact, some of them are much better than big cities of Pakistan. And following list of Pakistani villages just prove that.

1) Rasool Pur - Zero Crime Rate and 100% Literacy

Rasoolpur, a village with a population of 2000, is one of the exemplary villages as it has literacy rate near 100%. There are no kids out of school. This village has 2 high schools and crime rate their is 0.

2) Mamu Kanjan - No One Smokes in this village

It has population of more than 10,000 and no one smokes in this village. It has only 1 grand mosque where Azaan is delivered, other mosques have connected their speakers with the grand mosque to amplify Azaan.

3) Alam Pur Gondlan - A village where everyone is a double nationality holder

This village is named after Alam Pur in Gujrat that was one of the early inhabitants of this village. With a mission to improve lifestyle of his fellow villagers, he made efforts and sent almost everyone to European countries specially Norway in late 70s. Now, from 200 homes, at least one individual from almost every house is a double nationality holder.

4) Basti Tabu - Solving their problems without the support of government

Basti Tabu, Sadiqabad - This village sets an example as the inhabitants of this village have taken the responsibility upon themselves to resolve all their issues without the support of government. The sewerage system of this village is so unique that water they dispose off is accumulated using underground channels that is later used for fields. People from 16 to 49 are given special education to improve their environment and are trained for dairy farming along with education to improve their literacy. - source

5) Fatu Dedo - A clean village

Fatu Dedo village in Badin, Sindh is another village that set an example. Neglected by government, like most of the villages, this village shaped its own destiny. You wouldn't see a single unpaved street. It has underground sanitation, every misconduct is brought into the notice of the village authority and you will have to pay a fine if found littering in the street. Each house contributes a significant amount every month to keep their village clean.- source

6) Ehsanpur, Kot Addu - Fully solar-powered village

There are about 166 houses and it fully relies on solar energy. Ehsanpur is a village of Kot Addu Tehsil near Muzaffargarh that was without elecricity ever since. A solar system is installed on 20 acres and now this village fully relies on solar energy. Dhoke Attu Wali is another such village in Attock district that relies on Solar Energy. - source1 / source2

7) Kharian Tehsil - Richest Tehsil of Pakistan

Villages in Kharian Tehsil are richest villages in Pakistan and have most numbers of people settled abroad. Ratio of immigrants is so high that Kharian is often called as mini-Norway as most of its dwellers are Norway immigrants.

8) Villages of KPK - A natural cure to depression

Visit northern areas whenever you need a break from routine busy life and want to connect with your own self. You would see the best part of nature in these exotic villages. It is exemplary by nature, no major effort involved by human.

9) A Village having Shia-Sunni Unity for past 300 years

Qila Bhattiaan wala is a small village in Muridke Tehsil of Sheikhupura District. Consisting of more than 1,000 people, this village is best example of Shia-Sunni unity.


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  1. I went to Kot Addu last summers, had my holidays planned by ( ) and I had an amazing time of my life. But even I didn't know this amazing fact about this place until now.Thanks for sharing these facts. Feels good to read such stuff, write more on positive image of Pakistan!

  2. How is holding dual nationality an achievement? While the need to travel abroad and learn from different cultures is laudable, holding a second passport doesn't IMO qualify as an achievement. On the contrary it could be perceived as having a negative perception of one's country by the village people..

    1. I think the point was: a country that's generally blacklisted today (both officially in many places and in people's minds) and a country that has thousands of people spending laks to millions on just getting a visa to West, has a whole village of people, i.e. in one place, who're from a country that's primarily a Muslim one AND hold another nationality (and if you dig deeper, of a country who're not very welcoming of Desis and muslims today).

      The achievement is one of comparison, although not of each individual. (i.e. Being born a dual national holder is nothing special, that was your parents doing)

  3. Kindly Add Wan Miana

  4. There is a Village in Distt. M.B.Din named Sahanpal Sharif. this is also an example for the whole country. This is a small village near Head Qadirabad river chenab. 8 Ph.D doctors in various subjects are from this small village. like Biochemistry, Heart surgery, Maths, Computer Science, History, Islamic History, Persian and Engineering. Not only this but there lived a Great Research Scholar Syed Sharif Ahmed Shrafat Naushahi who wrote over 250 books on different topics for example Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqha, History, Tib, Safarnama etc. His greatest work is Sharif ul Tawareekh. This book consist of 15 volumes. and he wrote this in that days when there was no facility of electricity was available in this village.

  5. Yeah tho kuch bhi nahee hai saleh khana ka naam suna hai. Jahan ka har doosra fard British hai ya kisi aur mulk mai hai yahan ki 99% log bahir mulk mei aur wahid village Jahan sare banko ke branches hai aur ye sare kaam aap ki madad aap ki tehet karte hai aur isko little Britain bhi kahan jatha hai is gao ke dukandar,nai,darzi,mazdoor jese logo ki aulad bhi British citizenship raktey hai..

  6. The rural villagers of Pakistan commonly live in houses made of bricks, clay or mud. These typically have two or three rooms which house extended families. In the modern days they are living by making separate home for each family but they don't live way from each other, they are extending their villages by making more homes. In Gongrani, Baluchistan, people live in homes built within cliff-side caves that are connected by walkways.
    Pakistan Web Online


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