Khairpur District used to be a separate state at times and it was ruled by the Talpur Mirs during Talpur Dynasty between 1783 to 1955. When India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947, they agreed to make their state part of Pakistan.  In 1955, the Government of Pakistan announced the abolition of all the princely states and Khairpur was annexed into the new province of West Pakistan. Mirs were the rich and wealthy people and they built numerous monumental buildings with glorious royal grace, some of which are home to national and international tourists.

Faiz Mahal is one of the signs of their legacy. It was built in 1798. The current descendant of the Talpur family, Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur, who acceded to the Pakistani state in 1956, is an environmentalist and has to his credit an extraordinary flora and fauna safe haven called the Mehrano, notorious for its black buck, and hog deer, both of which have turn out to be rare in Sindh, Pakistan.

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