Millions are living under the poverty line in Pakistan, Khana Ghar has a mission to provide food at affordable price to the needy. Project was started by Parveen Saeed in 1989 when she started providing food to the poor people of Karachi. She holds a master's degree in journalism yet she decided to work for humanity on a full time.

Parveen says, earlier she used to take home-cooked food to localities where poor people lived and offered them food for just 2 rupees. After several years, when the dearness has increased by 150%, she increased the price of food from rupees 2 to rupees 3.

She said that I wished to provide food completely free of cost but to make sure that people who ate this food do not take the meals for granted, and strive to earn the food, I decided to charge them a very minimal cost. Menu at Khana Ghar keeps changing, some days are reserved for daal (lentils), sometimes its vegetables and beans, and some days are reserved as meat day.

It was first started in Surjani Town and later expanded to Khuda Ki Basti only a year later. She says that they are trying to build more such services to offer food at affordable price in other regions of the city as well. She has also started Kitab Ghar, a public library in poor areas.

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