Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world when it comes to natural views and landscapes. It has almost everything a tourist wants to see, landscapes, mountains, glaciers, historical and ancient places, forts and castles etc. Everyone of them have their own charm, but some of them, at times, look so mysterious that they look as if they are not from Pakistan, even not from planet earth, and look like as if they are from some other planet.

If you believe in fairy tales and fantasy worlds, you will relate these images to those dreamy fantasy worlds. These all are actually places in Pakistan.

6 Lakes of Sarsarmala in KPK

Breath taking view of Dassu village, Kohistan, KPK

When Neelam Valley gets covered in Snow

Government College University under Thunder

Mighty Mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan

Stunning view of Gwader, Balochistan

Mysterious Hingol National Park

Colors of Hunza

A village in Nushki Desert

Dreamyland of Islamabad

Landscape of Quetta

When it gets Frozen. Saif ul Malook

Above the clouds

Highway to Heaven

Land of Beauty

Beyond Skies

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