Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims and it is celebrated around the world by the followers of every sect of Islam. This is generally called a month of blessings and a month to learn that you are not just your body but much more than that. Muslims in Pakistan, too, celebrate this month with respect and religious sentiments however, Muslims of Pakistan have their own definitions of this month and they set their own unique goals for this month.

These 10 are some of the most common definitions of Ramadan that are set by Pakistanis.

1) The month of royal feasts

There is a difference in having variety in Aftaar meal and having a fully royal feasts.

2) The month of reducing weight

One of the most common goal people set in Ramadan.

3) The month of hanging out for Aftaars

And then every Aftaar becomes a reason to hangout and find some new restaurant. 

4) The month of calling all relatives at home

Calling every relative to your home and celebrating aftaars like some major ceremony.

5) The month of sleeping in day and awaking all night

A super easy way to spend your Ramadan pain free.

6) The month of staying lazy for 30 days

Because you are with your fast, so you dont feel like doing anything, at all.

7) The month of visiting mosques quite often

Rest of the 11 months, the story is different.

8) The month of giving single excuse to everything

'Mera Roza Hai'. So you wouldn't participate in any activity.

9) The month of giving fatwas on others

People start giving fatwas if they say someone doing something that, according to you, one shouldn't do in Ramadan.

10) The month of spending half of the day like Muslim

Din me Roza... Raat me woh sab jo Ramadan se pehle bhi karty rahy hain. 

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