Ramadan, the Holy Month for Muslims, is celebrated around the world every year. It is celebrated in Pakistan too with religious excitement. Culture of Pakistan and set of believes of its people have a strong impact on Muslims practicing fast, this is the reason you would see several people making many mistakes in this month.

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These 7 are the most common mistakes Muslims of Pakistan make in the Holy month of Ramzan.

1. Drinking 'Rooh Afza, Jaam-e-Shereen' on a daily basis

It contains high amounts of sugar, additives and colorants. If you have to, drink it twice a week maximum.

2. Drinking large amounts of water at iftaar time

Filling the stomach with water is more strenuous to it than with food. You should have a few sips at iftaar then a glass after every two hours.

3. Exercising directly after iftaar

The body's blood flow is concentrated around the stomach at that time. You should Exercise after two hours of eating to ease digestion.

4. Chewing and swallowing food fast

Chewing food slowly can speed up digestion and help maintain your weight.

5. Having dessert directly after iftaar

They make you drowsy and sleepy. You should leave at least a two hour gap between iftaar and dessert to stay fresh and awake for ishaa prayers

6. Consuming foods with high amounts of sodium

Sodium triggers thirst through out the fasting hours of the day. So, instead, eat foods that are high in potassium, they retain water and suppress your thirst.

7. Overeating For Suhur and Iftar

This is the reason several people gain weight in this month. You would see several people saying they actually gained weight in Ramadan or the best thing they love about Ramadan is variety in food.

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