Thursday, 1 December 2016

7 Best Walking Trails for Hiking in Pakistan

In all over Pakistan, summer vacations are approaching, most of us will plan to spend these hot summer days in some chilly places. So get some time to visit the most exciting Hiking Tracks of Pakistan to boost your energies. Convince your bunch of friends, pack your bags, and travel towards these wonderful hiking tracks in Pakistan.

1) Miranjani Track

Miranjani track is quite famous among the hikers. It is an 8 km long track that can ideally be walked in 3-4 hours. It is located in beautifully surrounded areas of Abbotabad District. There are two routes to reach Miranani, one is Nathiagai to Miranjani, second is Governor House to Miranjani. During your hike, you would experience the views of Jhelum River, Tarbela Lake, Abbottabad city and Thandiani. The beautiful treacherous mountain Nanga Parbat is also visible on a clear day i.e. located 400 kilometers away from Miranjani.

2) Mukshpuri Top Track

Mukshpuri is the second highest peak in Galiyat forest. 90 km in north of Islamabad, it is one of the most exotic walking trail. It is 4 km long and you can take two routes to reach Mushkpuri Top, one is Donga Gali to Mushkpuri, the other one is from Nathiagali to Mushkpuri Top. By choosing second track you can also view Lalazar Park on the way, which is situated at one kilometer up the track from Nathiagali.

3) Ayubia Track

Ayubia National Park is surrounded by four popular tourist destinations Thandiani, Nathiagali, Ayubia and Khanspur. There are two tracks originated from Ayubia. One is From Ayubia to Donga Gali known as Ayubia National Park track. Other is from Ayubia to Changla gali. The first one is 4 km long and the second route is 8 km long.

4) Pipeline Track

Dunga gali to Ayubia track is named so as it is just  beside the pipeline that supplies water from  Dunga gali to Murree. It is among the world most beautiful tracks and is about 4 km from Dunga gali to Ayubia. It is a plain track without any ups and downs unlike the Mukshpuri track.

5) Grang Kass Track

This is a beautiful Natural water stream and lush green forest spot at Nathiagali-Bakote road. 5 km away from Governor House Nathiagali, Its also a foothill of Mukshpuri and best for 4 wheel drive and hiking.

6) Bakote Molia Track

15 km from Nathiagali and 5 km from Kohala bridge, it is a beautiful water fall, Bakote Molia namely Karlan, its is merger of two beautiful and eye catching view of Bakote and Azad Kashmir.

7) Ansu Lake Track

From Saif ul Malook to Ansu Lake, this track can drive you crazy as you would need to hike 7 medium-size mountains and a number of water streams. One-way walk can take approximately 6 hours if you do not take rest in between.

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