Internet has made it possible where everyone can show what they have got. In this year, there have been numerous people from Pakistan who just broke the internet for time being with their skills. Even if some of them enjoyed spotlight for short time, but they just made our moments hilarious and funny.

Many might have negative feedback on them, but hey, they entertained us one way or other, may be not in perfectly decent way, but they set the trends damn't. Have a glance at Pakistanis who got the spotlight.

1) Tahir Shah

Eye to Eye fame singer Taher Shah came up with another masterpiece, it was so annoying that it caught everyone attention as if Kim Kardashian has done something unusual. His purple costume made him even more hilarious that ultimately helped in making news all over the world.

2) Qandeel Baloch

She is popular for all the wrong reasons. Facebook made her a social media celebrity within few weeks when she dared to do strip dance and went even ahead of it. Her chitchat scandal with Mufti Qavi brought her in spotlight again.

3) Waseem Hassan Sheikh

Desi marketeer Wasim Hassan Sheikh is popular for his Telcum Powder advertisement. His famous one-line 'Axcuse Me' made him catch everyone's attention within days over the social media. He later came up with even more hilariuos advertisements that makes him a low budget desi entertainer.

4) Aamir Liaquat

Pakistanis knows him as an entertainer, however he insists to be called as Islamic Scholar that civil society refuses to accept. His publicity stunts, hour long game shows, fashion statements, getup in army uniform and various other moves make him an ultimate entertainer.

5) Mir Mohammad Ali

He is one of the most watched comedian in Pakistan. He is popular for mimicking popular personalities of Pakistan and India in a Geo News comedy show Khabarnak. He has also been awarded pride of performance award by Pakistan government.

6) Waqar Zaka

He is known for being blunt and arrogant in his reality show called Living on the Edge. However when his shows end, he comes up with aggressively emotional and sometime just stupid publicity stunts through his Facebook page.

7) Mawra Hocane

She is one of the most criticized celebrity in Pakistan. She supported an Indian movie that was banned in Pakistan, and as a result, Pakistanis on Facebook did not spare her. Her every Facebook status on her Facebook page was trolled and trolled so bad that her page became a source of entertainment for Pakistanis. She is still trolled on her page regularly.

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