Amjad Sabri was a Pakistani qawwal singer, son of Ghulam Farid Sabri of the Sabri Brothers. Amjad began learning qawwali music from his father at age nine and joined his father on stage to perform in 1988 at age 12. He from then on remained one of the most acclaimed qawwals on the Indian subcontinent and performed around the world.

His soul departed us yesterday, but left many questions. Social media reacted, but is it enough? We can learn few things from Amjad sabri Sahb's case.

1) No One is Safe

Amjad Sabri was not a politician or business tycoon who might have had foes. He was one of the undisputed celebrities of Pakistan. Imagine if such celebrities are not safe, who is safe then? No ONE.

2) Your goodness is useless

It does not matter how good you are, you can always be the next target. Just because you do not eat the lion, does not necessarily mean lion will not eat you.

3) Law and Order does not exist

It has been proved yet again that law and order does not exist in any sense. Anyone can kill from your left and right and can show you heavens.

4) Roots of militants are too strong

We have been hearing about numerous operations to make this country peaceful, but it seems evil roots are too strong than defense forces. Even though some reports say crime in Karachi has reduced up to 80%, but still, ground reality seems different though.

5) Politics is a dirty game

Conspiracies claim that a leading political party did this to give a bad name to Rangers. It may be true and it can be false too. But you never know, politics is a dirty game.

6) Life is unpredictable

Life has always been unpredictable, but these days it has become extremely unpredictable. You can not guarantee even one day. It is high time we connect each other in a true sense to fight man-created circumstances that are making our life unpredictable.

7) People are just good to condemn

TV channels got their breaking news, social media pages got their likes, comments, shares and views. People seems to be only good to condemn anything over social media while lying on their comfortable beds. No one is going to do anything that is practical in true sense.

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