You might have read our previous article where we suggest on 7 things you should not do in Naran, our readers loved that article and many requested to write a pro version of that article too. So, here you are. Naran is one of the most popular and most frequently visited tourist spot. Majority visit this place to beat the heat of summer as weather remains cozy through out summer in Naran.

Whenever you get a chance to visit Naran, we suggest you few things you must do, and some places near Naran you must visit.

1) Must visit Saif ul Muluk

Saif ul Malook is the main attraction of Naran town. One can absolutely not forget visiting Saif ul Muluk on their visit to Naran. It is just few kilometers away from Naran and can take roughly 40 minutes by jeep.

2) Must feel the water streams of Kunhar

Kunhar river flows through Naran, and you must visit the water streams of Kunhar. It is a wonderful way to connect with your own self if you get a chance to visit these water streams alone. Beside these water streams, is a cave called Thandi Ghaar. Pay a visit there too.

3) Do pluck fruits

While traveling to Naran, you would see several fruit trees beside road. These trees include Walnuts, Pears, Avocados among others. Do stop by when you see such tree full of fruits and pluck few of them to enjoy the freshness. It is wise to get permission if those trees are nearby some roadside hut or hotel.

4) Give yourself a challenge to visit Aansu Lake

If you are thrill seeker, must visit Aansoo Lake. It is few kilometers from Saif ul Malook however the trek to this lake is completely spellbinding. It can take you to reach 4, 5 hours by walk from Saif ul Malook to Aansu Lake.

5) Enjoy the adventures of river rafting

White Water Rafting has become another major attraction of Naran. There are numerous clubs on outskirts of Naran where you can experience the thrills of river rafting on the streams of Kunhar River. Must try this.

6) Drive to Lulusar Lake

On 1 and a half hour drive, there is another lake, bigger than Saif ul Malook, called Lulusar Lake. It has its own charms. Do not forget to visit this lake too. Like, you might not spare time again just to visit Lulusar lake, isn't it? Better to get the most of your tour.

7) Do fishing

Trout fish is specialty of Naran, and their are places around where you can do fishing. You'd need a fishing license that you can easily get from the office of tourism department within Naran. Rest you need is just a fishing rode. Do try this too.
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