Murree is one of the most frequently visited tourist destination in Pakistan. Tourists across country visit this hill station through out year. Murree's special thing is its exotic views and its snowfalls during summers. Since it is a beautiful place and it is most likely to be visited by any one who loves traveling, it is better keeping in mind few things before visiting Murree. Just in case you have not read our previous article on Naran, do read 7 things you should never do when you are in Naran. Over to our current topic now.

1) Never go with family in busy days

You won't even get parking space 10km away from Murree in busy days specially during Eid days and on independence day. Do not put your whole family in awkward situation waiting for long hours in traffic. It is wise not to visit Murree in busy days with family, may be with friends to have fun, but not with your family keeping in mind their comfort level.

2) Never forget to reserve a room before you reach

Most of hotels in Murree are online now and do have online booking facility. In order to avoid any awkward situation, it is better to reserve a room online before reaching Murree as during season, like in winters, it is a challenge to find a living space in Murree.

3) Never go to Murree with boring people

Go with people who are full of life, who love to explore, who appreciate life and who have sense of gratitude. Boring people won't just ruin your journey to Murree but may also ruin your stay in Murree. Go with lively people and you would enjoy their company more than the destination.

4) Never forget to visit nearby areas

Murree isn't just one place to go, there are numerous beautiful towns and tourism destination around Murree inducing Ayubia, Patriata, Khanaspur, Nathiagali etc. Must visit these places too in order to enjoy your trip to Murree the fullest.

5) Never feed anything to monkeys

Wild life have their own lifestyle. They do not depend on humans. Many times I have seen people throwing fast food to monkeys that can ultimately effect health of monkeys. It is suggested by wildlife officers too not to feed anything to monkeys.

6) Never throw garbage, please

You can play a role in keeping Murree beautiful forever. Please do not throw wrappers, empty bottles, food left overs or other garbage in Murree or its nearby places. You should stop others, specially who are with you during the trip, from throwing garbage.

7) Never grow with your girlfriend / boyfriend

There are several love birds around country who might love exploring beautiful places around the country. But, just for your information, it is illegal in Pakistan visiting like free birds. According to Hudood Ordinance, an unmarried woman can not stay or hang around with other man. I personally have heard about such cases too. If you are visiting Murree with your college or university female friends, police, mostly at checkposts, would unnecessarily stop you and won't spare you until give them some money.
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