Monday, 27 June 2016

This is a Dream House of Every Middle Class Family

These are real pictures from a house in Phase 2 of DHA, Lahore. This house was recently put on sale by their owners. They decided to put the sale ad on Facebook and allowed interested people to visit this house. A massive amount of people asked for the price as it looked just like their dream house. However, after knowing the price of this 1-kanal house, almost on one threw the second questions.

Fully furnished 1-Kanal house was put on sale on Facebook to get the right audience however it just engaged everyone who was not even the target market of the seller. Price was kept above 5 Crore and seller was not interested in selling it below this amount, however all interested people over Facebook just asked the price and no one went beyond this.

Seller has now decided to contact the property agent which he believe is the right platform to sell this house. While this is a definition of  a dream house for most of Pakistanis, question rises here is, are basic dreams just getting out of common man's power to afford.

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