Aamir Liaquat Hussain is one of the most popular TV personalities in Pakistan. He remains in news for all the odd reasons most of times, yet he has millions of followers in Pakistan as well as in abroad. He started his career in TV a decade ago and never looked back. Before being a popular personality, he was into politics. He served the nation as Minister of Religious Affairs between 2002-2007 after being elected to National Assembly on MQM ticket.

Aamir Liaqat is one of very few people who understand Pakistanis very well. His understanding of public is the main reason he is popular today. Have a glance at these reasons how he became so popular in the country.

1) He Started from Hosting a Show

Last decade was the best decade for TV industry in Pakistan. Many channels were launched as well as several new faces came on the horizons of showbiz. Aamir Liaquat introduced himself as a host in his show Aalim Online where he used call Islamic scholars and he just used to host that show by taking calls from people, and tell them Islamic solutions of their problems by asking his guest scholars on the show. Since Pakistan is a religious country, his show was a massive hit.

2) He then became an Islamic Scholar

After success of his Aalim Online as host, he thought to do more, so he became a scholar. He later did a number of shows where he hosted shows as a scholar without calling other scholars or organizing any sort of panel on the show. He lead the show and that went hit too.

3) And then became Event-Scholar

He felt the need to be a kind of person who appeals people of every sect in Islam. So, during Moharram, he did shows for Shia, pretending to be a Shia Scholar. During other Islamic events, he posed as the scholar of other sects. This way, he became more favorite of people across sects.

4) Became Naat Khwuaan

Hosting shows wasn't enough. He wanted to show more of his talents. He sang numerous Naats and Nohay for Shias and Sunni both sects. This way, he built another image of himself and caught more attention of people.

5) Became an entertainer with Islamic touch

He had catered the religious audience, but he wanted to appeal to more people, to those too who may not watch religious shows much. So, it was a great idea for him to start a show that is semi-religious and pure entertainment. So, he came up with an idea of a brand new show called Inaam Ghar that was a entertainment game show.

6) Became a showtopper

With a marketing team of 80+ people, he became a show topper. He is featured in major newspapers almost every day, and that too on front pages.  His marketing team do best to keep Aamir Liaqat in spot light with creative as well as silly activities.

7) Now an actor

And now, he is doing a movie directed by a popular Lollywood director Syed Noor. He now wants to appeal to a different class which is definitely going to be a major step for him if his movie find him success. Let's see how his movie goes, and lets see what he does next to be even more popular.

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