Do you know an interesting fact about year 2000, Muslims kept 38 fasts (rozay) in that year. You might think about of a dispute among Muslim clerics but was not the case for keeping 38 fasts in one year. Neither there was any other miraculous event that made Muslims keep 38 fasts in Ramadan. But there was a clash of calendars.

In year 2000, Ramadan came twice. Muslims celebrated Eid ul Fitr 2 times in that year. Muslims celebrated Eid ul Fitr on January 08, 2000. So they had already kept 7 fasts in 2000. Then, Ramadan started on 20 November 2000 and Muslims celebrated Eid ul Fitr on December 28, 2000 - after keeping 30 fasts. So within that year, Muslims kept 38 fasts.

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