Every region has some dishes that are favorite of people living within that specific region, but people from other regions hesitate to eat those dishes. Pakistan has spice-rich and delicious cuisine however there are many dishes that are, even though are popular among a significant amount of people, but still a large number of people hesitate while eating those dishes.

This list features those dishes. You might have eaten these dishes if you are foodie, or you may be from that classification of people that find these dishes awkward.

1) Paye

The main ingredients of the dish are the feet (trotters, or hoof) of a cow, goat, buffalo, sheep or even chicken; cooked with various spices. It consists of a hard or rubbery sole and a hard wall formed by a thick nail rolled around the tip of the toe.

2) Maghaz

Maghaz, also called Bheja Fry and Brain Masala, is a dish consisting of fried brain of goat, lamb, cow and Buffalo. While it is considered a spice delicacy, several still hesitate when they realize that they are going to eat brain for real.

3) Ojhri

Ojhri is belly of an animal, rather inside of it. This is where the intestines are stored and naturally, this big white balloon is literally full of shit. A butt is the skin inside of an ojhri. It’s peeled off, cleaned (hopefully) and cooked in shitloads of spice.

4) Takatak

The famous gurday-kapooray are a hot selling food item in several food streets based all around the country. These are balls/nuts/testicles of an animal cooked with lot of spices.

5) Dumchi

Dumshi is ass-of-the-chicken. Yes, you read it right. Even though you can imagine how small a chicken's that part could be, yet many people find it tasty and it is widely sold at BBQ restaurants.

6) Zuban

This is tongue of animals like cow, goat, buffalo etc. This is mainly consumed in breakfasts. It is cooked mostly with grams and lentils. You can easily enjoy this dish if you visit old Anarkali in Lahore someday.

7) Potay

It is like Ojhri of Chicken. Since it is obviously very smaller than of cows or goats, it not generally called Ojhri, but yes, it is the place where chicken stores all the shit. It is widely sold at BBQ restaurants.


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  1. Very amazing blog, I come first time here and nearly read all of your posts, very amazing and interesting, keep writing...

  2. Faheem Uddin Siddiqui24 July 2016 at 05:35

    Man your anatomy of the animals is disgusting.Ojhri is not belly it is the stomach and it doesnt contain shit it has undigested food Dumchi is not the ass of the chicken,it is the tail bone with some meat and fat over it.Don't know something don't write.


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