Lahore being the cultural capital of Pakistan is popular for its marvelous architecture and preserved history. One such wonderful place is Lahore Gymkhana Cricket Ground which is 2nd oldest cricket ground in the South Asia. Surrounded by Jinnah Garden, Lahore Gymkhana Cricket Ground is a picturesque place where domestic level matches are still played.

With a vast ground and magnificent pavilion, this was designed by G. Stone and Bahi Ram Singh in British Raj. Established in 1880, Lahore Gymkhana Club became Pakistan's first Cricket Museum in 2009. Lahore Gymkhana Cricket Museum features archives from the cricket history that are just fascinating.

Before 1947, this ground hosted several matches of teams that included Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and British players. Several trophies were held before partition, and many tournaments are still organized. Photographs of former greats and teams from 1930 to the present also adorn the museum. Must pay a visit to this museum that itself is a historic beauty.

Photos by Aown Ali

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