Friday, 17 June 2016

These 35 Pictures of Iran will Change Your Perception about Iran

What comes in your mind when someone talks about Iran? Possibly Iran-USA conflict, or a may be a barren land full of deserts and mountains. This is because media portrayed Iran that way, there is no fault of yours. But right now, you are at a place where your perception about Iran is going to be changed forever. Lets forget about the political scenario, what media talks about, and lets see what Iran actually looks like.

Pictures showcased below prove that Iran is a beautiful country. Meadows, deserts, mountains, waterfalls, caves, Iran has every picturesque landscape that tourists love to see. Have a glance at these wonderful, indeed unbelievable pictures of Iran. Iran definitely deserves more visitors.

400 yr old, Abbasi Hotel, Esfahan, Iran.

Abbas Pour Dam, Iran

Amlash, Guilan, Iran

Amlash, Guilan, Iran

Arda region, Rezavan Shahr, Gilan, Iran

Beside Maharloo Lake, Sarvestan, Iran

Bisheh waterfall, Droud, Lurestan, Iran

Chalous Road, Iran

Darbandsar village, Shemiranat, Iran

Dezful County, Iran

Dezful Dam, Iran

Guilan, Iran

Hengam island, Persian Gulf, Iran

Top of Mazandaran Province, Iran

Kish island, Persian Gulf, Iran

Karun-4 dam, Bakhtiari Province, Iran

Khalid Nabi Cemetery, Golestan Province, Iran

Maranjab Desert, Aran bidgol city, Esfahan Province, Iran

Masal, Guilan Province, Iran

Masouleh stepped village, Guilan province, Iran

Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil Province, Iran

Motelghoo, Mazandaran Province, Iran

Namak Abrod, Iran

Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, Iran

Savadkooh, Mazandaran Province, Iran

Siahrood Lake, Firoozkuh, Tehran, Iran

Sleigh rides in the Siahdaran Park, Talesh City, Gilan Province, Iran

Tehran city, Iran

Tohid Tunnel, Tehran, Iran

Troglodyte village of Kandovan, Iran

Lake behind the Karoon dam, Izeh county in Khuzestan, Iran

Vaiasr Street, Tehran, Iran

All photos via tourism_iran instagram

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