BISE Lahore and other boards of education in Punjab announced result of matriculation today. While I was checking the result of one of a student, I found a loophole in the website of BISE Lahore. That loophole is showing the personal information of all the candidates. Personal information includes date of birth, mobile number and complete home address.

While I was checking the result of a relative, the result window displayed a link to apply for rechecking online, I clicked on the link and was surprised to see what appeared in the next window. Student's photo, her mobile number, date of birth, home address, everything was being displayed as if personal information is a public thing.

Privacy is a serious matter and such institutions need to realize about the personal information of students. They badly need to redesign their website and need to adapt a robust content management system that does not make private information public like this.

They must require a combination of keys instead of just student's roll number in order to show their result. Currently, they require just roll number, and by that you can retrieve much more about them than just viewing their result.

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