Shahmeer Amir, a guy from Multan, is ranked among top bug hunters in the world and is listed at number 3 by darkreading and HackerOne, both of these forums are world's top platforms for ethical hackers. Shahmeer Amir, 21 year old, has earned more than Rs. 1.5 Crore by reporting bugs to 300+ global companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Microsoft.

He has also been invited to major hacking conferences around the world to discuss ehtical hacking and security. Having bachelors in Electronic Engineering from Hamdard University, he completed his studies in Karachi. He further says that he has donated half of what earned in bounties to emerging causes around the world and people who contacted him personally. These days he has setup an office in PITB and established his company called Cyphlon.

Shahmeer is reachable at his twitter as well as through his website where he can guide companies as well as individuals on making products and services secure. He is definitely a gem in his discipline and can do even big things in cyberspace.

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