Facebook has become the number one platform to have fun. It was created with an idea to connect with family and colleagues however today it has become an active content platform where people around the world share the funniest videos and photos. The best thing is, you would quality and unique content if you have liked the right pages.

Today, there are millions of pages on Facebook, and it is very difficult to find the right pages to make your day a bit better. We have compiled a list of most funny Facebook pages from Pakistan that share the content specifically for Pakistani audience. Majority of pages from the list share unique content however a few of them share stuff that you might have seen elsewhere already, but those one do share unique humor too. List includes the most active pages that share jokes, videos, pictures, tweets and other stuff multiple times a day.

Wait for a few minutes until the page box appear below every heading of page title. That page box will show number of likes of the page, and a direct option to like the page.

1) The Humorists

2) Sarcasmistan

3) Trolling is my Hobby

4) BinDas LoG

5) Khabees Orat

6) Just Pakistani Things

7) Entertainment K Liye Kuch bhi karega :p

8) Comics by Arslan

9) BuffoonTribune

10) SHUGAL ON HAI...;)

11) Manhoos

12) Manhoos Billi

13) Khabees Loug

14) Humoristan

15) The Sarcastic Page

16) Waleed Nasir Tweets

17) Emiology

18) Chawalain

19) OOY baaz aa ja


21) The Janglee Movement

22) CBM - Comics By Majid

23) Mango People

24) Gullu Butt

25) Maskhariyaan

26) Lateefon ki Dunya

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