Wednesday, 30 November 2016

These 15 Pics Prove that Mehndi for Males is the Latest Fashion

Why should girls have all the fashion, and this statement is being taken seriously by males around the world. In eastern countries like Pakistan and India, males and females have their dedicated fashion statements, but since the gender difference in west is vanishing, it is leaving its marks on eastern countries like Pakistan and India too.

Mehndi designs, or Henna patterns, are popularly applied by girls and women mostly from the origin of sub-continent, however it seems the western gender-free approach is taking over the sub-continent too, and what once was the fashion of girls, is becoming the latest fashion of males too.

Here is one such example where men are applying mehndi designs on their hands and arms, and in some pictures on their legs too. While many, like 98%, will find it annoying and pathetic choice, remaining might support this approach. Have a look at these mehndi designs for males.


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