Civil society is not just waking up but also becoming creative in their protests. A few weeks ago a man in Karachi came on the horizons of media for asking government to fix the manholes, social and electronic media found it creative and supported the cause that resulted an immediate action from government. Now we have another man from Sialkot called 'Khalid Waseem' who has come up with another creative idea.

He raised the humorous signs that say 'Fishing is Prohibited' at streets where found poor sewerage system. We got pictures from on such location where he installed a number of sign boards that troll the concerned authorities and urge them to take an action.

While this idea has worked in Karachi, it is expected that it would work in Sialkot too and government institutions responsible for sewerage system will fix the issue. It seems those Dharnas have become an old way of protesting and civil society has got new ideas to protest in country like Pakistan. Let's hope the basic meaning behind this protest gets heard.

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