Meet Mr. Talib from Nawabshah. He has a damn annoying ability of eating snakes like pizza. He is basically a performer and is popular as the snake-eating man. He has performed this stunts in most of major cities in Pakistan however he got fame after this Eid when he started performing this stunt of eating snakes in Karachi Zoo. His this act has been attracting hundreds of visitors since he started his show in Karachi Zoo.

Talib munches the snakes and breaks their necks with his teeth, and he remove skin of snakes and tastes the blood of snakes. He said that he gets the snakes from Thatta city and the availability of snakes has not declined despite his performances. He further said that he eats all kinds of snakes including cobras and vipers that are somehow are not easily available. He claims that he has developed such an immune system that does not get poisoned against snake bites.

Talib also said that he uses frogs and lizards in his performances when he gets short of snakes. Now this is really something annoying, and not tasty at all.

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