When it comes to travel, the most important thing everyone considers is the service they are going to take. A right service can make your long journey so comfortable that you would desire to travel again with them, and a pathetic travel service can create headache even when you are traveling for half and hour.

Pakistan does have a number of very good travel services, but what we are going to show you is even better than the existing bus services. Shahid Coach Service is a private bus company that seems like yet another travel company, but what gives them a competitive edge, is their new luxurious buses that are equipped with modern safety equipment, built-in tablets with seats and of course WiFi internet as well.

Moreover, seats are built with material that does not make you uncomfortable even you sit for hours in one position. Seats, thankfully, have sufficient space for legs too. Additionally, bus has two separate compartments for standard passengers and business class.

This bus service is currently operational and runs between Swat-Lahore, Swat-Faisalabad, Swat-Karachi and vise versa.

While it seems a great service, lets see how other competitors like Daewoo and Faisal Movers respond to such well equipped bus service.

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