Even though we all have ability to live a balanced life, yet sometimes we need a doze of motivation and inspiration in order to move forward in life. We come at a point where we want to relate, a desire to relate to others. We all experience good and bad events in life, we all trust wrong people sometimes in our life, and we all need to get over toxic relationships that have hurt us in past.

This article is basically a collection of a such powerful urdu quotes that will help you to neutralize your pain, and these golden urdu words might also help you in the time of suffering. We previously published a beautiful collection of urdu quotes about struggle and success that were well received by our regular blog readers, so this time we thought to compile a list of urdu quotes on family, relationship and people.

These are beautiful words by wise people that you can apply in your life while having interaction with family. You need to understand a few things about our relationship with people, and how other people might behave unexpectedly. Hopefully, these urdu words will be a guiding light.

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