Interview is the most crucial point in the process of getting a job. Being interviewed or giving interview in a country where there is no cross-cultural environment is completely different than being interviewed or giving interview in a country that has cross-cultural and highly competitive environment. Clever human resource personnel won’t fall for what you answer, but how you answer.

HR management, specially working in Dubai companies know that candidates from diverse backgrounds would appear for vacant positions, and since the company itself works in cross-cultural environment, HR management would prefer to select candidates who can work effectively in such highly competitive and multi-cultural environment.

Of course interview questions would be different according to expertise, skills and professional experience of a candidate, however there are some questions that are asked most of the times, by almost all employers, no matter you are a business graduate, commerce graduate, engineer, accountant, graphic designer, marketing professional etc. Those ones are the frequently asked questions and this post is to help you on such interview questions.

Q1) How was the weather outside
This question is asked to neutralize the environment. Some candidates feel it difficult to start an interview all of a sudden in a formal way so many interviewers try to normalize the psychological aspect of a candidate and start the conversation with a very casual question like this.

Q2) Introduce yourself
This is going to be the first question in most of the cases, or may be second. Interviewer isn’t interested in your personal life but professional life, so better not to talk much about personal life until specifically asked about it. In markets like Dubai where almost 70% people are expats, it is obvious that you are not an Emirate National, so better do not try to fake Arab accent. Be originally yourself. Focus on what you have done in your professional career, and if you are a fresh graduate then try to bring interviewer’s focus on your energy, passion, willingness to work and learn and dedication.

Q3) Why did you come to Dubai for job
This is another most frequently asked question. Very simple yet impressive answer would be; you wanted to work in a highly competitive market so that you could get opportunity to apply your creative ideas and learn from new experiences.

Q4) When can you join our company
This is to check your current commitment. So if you are not working anywhere else, your answer should be ‘immediately’. It depends on your availability though, you know it better. However, a company would prefer candidates who do not have other commitments and available to join the company immediately.

Q5) Did you like Dubai
It is asked to get an idea about your perception about a market where you are going to work. So your answer must be positive and passionate about the place. Your ideal answer should be that you liked Dubai’s environment, its diversified culture and people. You can definitely answer better in your own version but make it sure it gives a positive impression about Dubai.

Q6) What is your salary expectation
Most frequently asked question in all markets around the world. If the salary is already advertised with the vacancy then you can simply said that I expect the salary that is advertised. But if salary wasn’t mentioned in the job ad, then you should politely say that you would welcome a market based salary. It is often suggested not to specially mention an amount unless you are well aware of the market. In case the interviewer compels you to tell a number, make sure you ask the right amount keeping in mind the company size and market trends of salary for that position.

Q7) Do you have any question
Many interviewers ask this question at the end of interview. Now this is the time to show your guts and ask one or two very sensible and professional questions. Never say that you do not have any question. I wrote ‘sensible’ because many candidates ask very lame questions like which bus-route I should take to reach this place, don’t ask such lame questions. You may ask when the interviewer himself joined the company, or, how the interviewer sees the role of employees in the growth of company, etc. Ask questions that aren’t very hard and interviewer can answer with his/her interest.

Q8) Do you know about our company
This is to check if you have done your homework. It is always suggested to know about the company’s profile before appearing for an interview. So, before you appear for the interview, must Google that company and research what is the business of that company and what is the current status of company’s activities. This is a brilliant way to impressive the interviewer.

Q9) Are you willing to relocate
Well, you have already relocated from your home country to a new country, so it shouldn’t be any issue in relocating to different place. Better say yes, and also make them realize that you are open to travel for official work as well. This will give them a sense of satisfaction that they are hiring a person who is active as well as available to relocate to other offices of the company.

Q10) What is your favorite movie
One of the most frequently asked question. Well, just answer whatever your favorite movie is, but make sure the name of the actor(s) who played the lead roles in the film as mostly interviewers would ask about it in their next question. 

Q11) Do you like hanging out with friends
Say yes, if you really like it. This question is asked to get to know if you are an introvert person or an extrovert person. Every employer would like to hire outgoing people who are full of life, friendly with a good sense of humor, yet dedicated and professional. Now you know what should be your answer.

Q12) Do you like reading books
Interviewer wants to know if you invest time on learning. You should say yes if you like reading book, and if you don’t like reading books then you should start reading some good books. Do not give a fake answer if you have never read any book apart from academic course as the interviewer may ask more about that book and you may get stuck.

Q13) What are your hobbies
This is a very simple way to get to know what kind of person you are. People with active hobbies like swimming, climbing, football etc normally leaves a proactive impression about you. However you shouldn’t lie about your hobbies just to impress the interviewer as sooner or later your original self will come out in the work environment after selection.

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